Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Cologne!

I've been using the same cologne since last time I came to Vancouver: do you remember I fell in love with 8 88 Comme des Garcons? I still have some in the bottle, but yesterday I felt like finding a new one. Things have changed, I have changed: cologne has to change (not a rule, but it works if I don't wanna feel guilty for the money I just spent...ahahah). 
Here it is!
I spent a couple of hours smelling tons of colognes, but I wasn't happy about any of them. I feel sorry for the shop assistant that helped me with the choise, but, for me, Cologne is like glasses, you gotta Love them. Too personal and characterizing to be bought soullessly. I say goodbye, and I leave the store. As soon as I am out of the store I resmell the top of my hand: WOW! That was a unique feeling! It is not just about the actual smell, but all the feelings that spread afterwords. Love it!
I spent the entire morning on this website checking out if there were any scents that matched with the colognes I used before... no maches found. It's amazing how different scents put together can make rise some sort of feelings in a person.
The cologne that reminds me of Vancouver is Dior Homme.
What perfume are you wearing now? Any perfume in particular that reminds you of something?

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  1. I totally agree with you on that note! I am obsessed with fragrance and the idea that our memories are linked to these aromatic molecules that can be triggered at random wether it be walking past a bakery or laying in a fewy field. Its lovely. So to answer your question currently i am wearing a fragrance my mother wears Burberry weekend! LOVE IT! I am in love with a couple scents serge lutens - flores de orange, comme de garcon - play 9when im feeling really confident), and I have this mini sample of a perfume with Pepper and rose in it! I got it in New york and didnt write down the name! SO WONDERFUL! I love fragrances i should pursue this! Take a mini course and just dive into it!