Monday, April 5, 2010

... a bakery on wheels! I may have just discovered the main reason why i should get a drivers licence!  So i can bake yummy things and drive around selling them! How adorable is this idea?! What would you fill the van with?

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  1. Wow! Great idea! Let's write it down in our check list of things to do!
    I'm not sure of what I would put in a van...Maybe I would fill it with cuscions to make a little chill out space for my friends and I so we can stay in a cozy place, on the other and sounds like a lazy thing...What about travelling around the world, buying typical things and sell them in other countries! I could have the opportunity to tell a story for each object, talk about other cultures, smells, flavours! I would love to be like the protagonist of the movie ''chocolat'' who knows the perfect kind of chocolate for each person. It would be cool to meet people around and giving them the perfect object for him/her! (I think it is a little confused...I'm forgetting english...)