Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sammarco perfumes

Throughout Francesca's blog, I had the chance to receive Sammarco's samples. This is not only an amazing Christmas present, but also a unique experience: in fact, Giovanni Sammarco, perfumer, mixes the best raw materials and still uses animalic notes, which become harder and harder to find. 

Bond-T is a brilliant creation inspired by a chocolate makers' shop. The opening, to me, is pure dark chocolate. It is quite outstanding how precise and sophisticated this image is conveyed. 
It reminds me of a shop in Genova where I used to go with my mother when I was little, Viganotti. The smell is quite dark, rough and animalic, which slowly is softened and sweetened by vanilla and Tonka bean's notes. I really appreciate the vintage verve, with a contentemporary cut, of this perfume: dense and quite wearable without being overloaded with flowery notes. 
The dry down is pure comfort, sensuality and mystery.

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If Bond-T has taken me back in time, Alter brings me back to a vibrant and elegant reality. I am much fascinated how Giovanni has used flowery notes in this wonderful perfume, which opens with a blast of Jasmine, slightly sour, that makes me crave for spring, light dresses and blossom trees. I absolutely love how crystalline it is. I can definitely smell some Mimosa (or other flowers...) in it. I find it extremely contemporary, elegant with light resinous contrasts that keep my nostrils tingled. 
A pale pink rose slowly blossoms out of a soft  skin like feminine base.

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Vitrum should be definitely considered by vetiver's lovers. The opening is quite sharp, dry, refreshing and pungent. As soon as it touches the skin you can enjoy the vetiver which is lifted by peppery woody notes, which lay on a slightly dark rose base. 
Again, I am surprised by the transparency of this perfume. It feels like a perfume ready to mix with your own smell and turn into some clean, wearable signature scent. 
It reminds me of a Juergen Teller photograph with warm fading colors, sharp shadows and natural poses.

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