Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trends / Copper

Committee / Bits & Bobs / Established & Sons

Ola Whilborg / Ash and copper

David Darksen / Copper Lights

Jamie Hayon / Tudor Chair / Established & Sons

Dante Good & Bads / Epilogue

Jeremy Murier & Daniel Martinez / Signs

Walking around the design week, you probably pass in front of thousands of products and, I have to be sincere, after a bit, you just go ''love it'', ''don't get it'', ''hate it'', ''i want it''... but it is nice to see how some trends are evident! Some people say design shouldn't be about trends, but I believe it is impossible to think that there are no trends inspiring the thousands of designers that exhibit during the design week. A big one this year was copper. Copper material, copper finish, copper layers, copper color, copper and copper... 
Here some of the projects I spotted!

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