Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ys-Uzac: the new Beloved collection

I was so happy when I discovered Vincent Micotti, nose and founder of Ys-Uzac (discover more in a previews post and read about Metaboles), was presenting not one, but two new perfumes at Esxence! I remember the last time I talk to him and he said he was working on some new perfumes, but smell them and see the new packaging was really exciting. 
Immortal Beloved and Satin Doll, both Eau de Parfum, are part of the new Beloved collection: scenic, opulent, immortal, like love. ''A collection of passion and glamour, an invitation to stride the red carpet and to proclaim seductive games through the joyful moment of prohibited paradise.''

Immortal Beloved

A wonderful unisex amber woody fragrance with a hint of cognac. Immortal beloved is the image of the flame of passion of a secret love, inspired by the hidden love story between Beethoven and a lady. I love this perfume: elegant, sensual, powerful with a mysterious verve. The opening is ambery, slightly fruity, with lavender and cognac. I can smell that refreshing opening common in Ys-Uzac's perfumes (Pohadka and Metaboles in particular), but with a darker and peppery personality. The amber is sensual, a little rough, which I love, but surrounded by light flowery notes and a mysterious animalic hint. 
I love to let my mind be transported by Vincent's fragrances. This perfume reminds me of a masquerade ball in an modern elegant house with antique details in the middle of Manhattan where a lady, in a wonderful YSL red dress, meets a younger beautiful man, in a Dior suit with a vintage pochette. Both with a mask cross their sights on a wooden stair. The lights are soft, the music is classic and at the bar they serve selected cocktails with aged rums, whiskies and cognacs. They will meet later, at the second floor. He turns off a candle with his fingers and kisses her neck. They'll go back to the ball room as nothing happened. Some quick looks at each others eyes before they go back to their friends and elegantly keep drinking their cocktails.

Satin Doll

Yes, another wonderful perfume: an elegant feminine tuberose chypre. I really like it because it has no age, I think it would suit perfectly a younger girl or and older woman with outgoing and talkative personality, which wants to be noticed when she arrives (of course late) at the chic vernissage. The opening is stunning: peppery and slightly resinous, with a touch of darker flowery notes that soon turn into a beautiful bouquet. The tuberose is not aggressive, but it is perfectly blended with rose, jasmin and iris which give a great, light powdery touch. It is not an heavy vintage floral, but a splendid modern elegant luminous perfume. The opononax and incense slightly come up after a bit. 
A beautiful blonde woman in tight jeans, high hills and a wonderful oversize shirt that leaves the shoulders visible. Elegant earrings and not too much make up. A summer cocktail in Montecarlo, on a boat, or on a rooftop on a wonderful terrace. 

Keep dreaming Andrea!

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