Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1° nota di viaggio (Rites de passage) by Meo Fusciuni

As said before, Meo Fusciuni is a new discovery. At White fair in Milan I had the chance to go through the whole collection and I was mostly surprised by his first creation: Rites de passage. This perfume is part of the three perfumes inspired by trips around the world. Rites de passage takes inspiration from Istanbul with its notes of pepper and those that remind of magical bazaars and joyful holy places. A citrusy incense fragrance with delicate, but vibrant soul. The peppery citrusy opening turns in a more meditative and earthy scent with the passage to sandalwood, vetiver, resins and incense, passing by the aromatic Geranium and hints of Ylang Ylang. 

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