Saturday, February 23, 2013

''Oh, ooOoh ... oh'' by Miller et Bertaux

I have been waiting so long for thin perfume and I finally had the chance to try it today! ''Oh, ooOoh ... oh'' by Miller et Bertaux is a woody aromatic perfume inspired by California, or better, by folk song. I have to be sincere, this perfume didn't surprise me, but I have been waiting so long, that I would like to spend some words about it. The notes are bitter orange, juniper, Artemisia, Virginia cedar, California redwood, labdanum, leather, moss and cannabis. The notes are interesting, but it is not the California we all imagine, it is a country California. The perfume is dry, woody, with some sort of aromatic and leathery dry-down. It is a quiet, clean song in a dry sunny land, at dusk. I think the heavy Cedar note disturbs me a little and reminds me of some other fragrance: there are perfumes around that abused by it and you spot it too quite easily.
What to say? I suggest to discover the entire collection! There are some really good ones. My personal favorite is Spiritus / Land #2, but I wouldn't say no to A quiet morning! Finally, the packaging is clean, chic and lovely.
Have a good sniff!

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