Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gudpaka by Great things to people

Great things to people (gt2P) is a design studio from Chile which constants are research and experimentation in production, technical, functional and aesthetic terms. I was fascinated by Gudpaka lamp because, first, it looks cool, second, it is uncommon. But from the point of view of a designer this is not sufficient...let's try to discover why this lamp is cool. The studio had been able to merge digital and artisanal: a concept of ''Digital Crafting''. As said on their website: it is a game of the opposites. The inside is geometric, futuristic, and laser cutted while the outside is soft, animalic, woven-by-hand Alpaca wool. Also, the manufacturing process is a mix of traditional, global and local.
The poetry behind this lamp goes behiond most of the lamps we can meet nowadays and there's that haptic touch that just makes us curious and amazed as human beings and not just consumers.

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