Thursday, January 17, 2013

book club: LOOK BOTH WAYS by Debbie Millman

I'm stocking up on some books I totally want to read this year.  One in particular which I thought you would totally find interesting is Look Both Ways by Debbie Millman.  

The description on the cover certainly piques interest at first glance. “Illustrated Essays on the Intersection of Life and Design”, whatever could that mean? The content in the book certainly does not disappoint. In 20 essays pulled directly from her real-life occurrences, Debbie Millman provides an intriguing cross-section of how design exists within society. The stories are innately personal and immediately draw the reader into a world that is relatable and recognisable as their own.

What are you reading?  What did you read last year that you loved?  

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  1. Hey!!! This book sounds really interesting! I'll look for it! Right now I'm reading Life of Pi. I went to see the movie, which I loved, and I wanted to see if the book was even better. I'm loving it!
    Last year, I've been reading tons of books about perfume and design. My favorites are ''Different'' by Youngme Moon, ''Designing Design'' by Kenya Hara (damn expensive, but worth every single cent), ''Deluxe'' by Dana Thomas, ''Neuromarketing'' by Martin Lindstrom and, finally one about perfume, ''La saggezza del creatore di profumo'' (The wisdom of a perfume creator) by Maurice Maurin.