Friday, November 2, 2012

Gomma by Etro: for a classy dynamic man. Musk: a refreshing second skin.

I went to Etro's perfume boutique in Via Verri, Milan, and after smelling Greene Street, I took some time to discover some others of their perfumes. Vetiver is one of my favorites.
The picture above represents Gomma (rubber in italian) which I could discover today. It is a very masculine, plastic leathery perfume, especially in the opening. Inspired by a man who loves speed, this fragrance brings back in time: it reminds me of 50s motorcycles and leather jackets and bikes competitions. Bitter and a little spicy with an ambery heart. Good persistance and really classy, reminds me of my grandfather, not suggested to younger public.
On the other hand, I had the great pleasure of trying Musk. A really clean, close to skin perfume, with a good longevity. Elegant and sober, it takes on a walk through a fairy forest between musks, woods, lights and shadows. Interesting citrusy and a bit of flowery notes keep the cedar wood luminous and refreshing, over the gentle sensuality of musks and sandal wood. This goes right away into my wishlist of spring perfumes. 

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