Sunday, November 25, 2012

Andy Tauer: V - Incense Extreme

Andy Tauer is a swiss based perfumer, which I actually had the pleasure to meet at Fragranze, the perfume fair in Florence. First of all, he is a great person: I did not know his perfumes before going to the fair, even if he is well know and appreciated in the world of niche perfumes, and he showed me some of his creations and explaining some of the inspirations in the nicest way. I feel a bit stupid now, because he is actually really well known... my bad. The good thing is that I had the chance to better discover his perfumes in these months and I am happy to talk about them, starting from Incense Extreme. First of all, this does not remember, to me, the smell of Catholic churches. It is a dry woodsy incense which I find refreshing and cozy. It might sound as a contradiction, but is has a balsamic vibe that does not make it heavy, which softens in the drydown, and I would like to spray a bit before going to bed. Yes, I love it. It smells familiar, but I cannot relate it to any memory. If I have to think of something I would give two completely different images. The first one (which might actually relate unconsciously to a memory) is the entrance of a house where there is an old polished woody bench. It is day time and the house has a good mix of contemporary and old furnitures with carpets on the floor (I would say a cold floor, such as stone, but could be a parquet). I have probably just described my dream house. The second image might sound a bit crazy: I image myself being a dry wood (see picture, It would have been too hard to describe), lost, but happy and relaxed. Not too far there is a religious ceremony in front of a small stone temple. The air is warm, but the burnt resins give a certain freshness to forest around it. 

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