Friday, November 9, 2012

Alice & Peter: the new collection of yummy fragrances!

Alice & Peter is the brand new collection of yummy perfumes created by the creative couple Gérald Ghislain and Magali Sénéquier, already known for their first line Histoires de Parfums and the travels inspired collection The Scent of Departure. This time they come back with 5 Eaux de Parfum for women ''who really love perfumes''. Presented into cupcake-shaped bottles these fragrances are created to evoke our inner child, ''taking a break from reality and going back to an innocent, more playful time.'' Wicked Berry, Bloody Orange, Fancy Choco, Cherry Cherry, Showy Toffee: a collection of fruity and gourmand fragrances with different facets created for an olfactory delight. Will we be able to resist a bubbly gourmand Bloody Orange, the intoxicating Wicked Berry, the dangerous creative Fancy choco, the brazenly exuberant Showy Toffee and the festive mischief Cherry Cherry? We have to wait until next week when they will be freshly baked available in italians stores!
Bon appétit!

Eau de parfum spray - 30ml. / 1 fl.oz
Price : 45€ - $49
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