Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today I am wearing Dzing!

This perfume was created back in 1999 by Olivia Giacobetti (also known for her masterpieces Idole for Lubin, Philosykos for Diptyque) for L'Artisan Parfumeur. Today, the weather is just so sad and boring that I needed a twist and here it comes Dzing! It is ''A magical evocation of the circus'': on one side the stage with dirty leathery notes, and the public enjoying the show eating candied apples and toffees. An evoking scent of an imaginary circus. ''Everything is there, the scent of saddle leather as pretty girls on horses canter by, sawdust, the rosin on the acrobats’ hands as they arc through the air, black panther fur, fire-eaters and gasoline, the vintage canvas overhead, the caramel scent of candyfloss and toffee apples.'' On my skin it feels leathery and smoky with a sweet verve: powerful and captivating at the beginning, soft and mysterious in the dry down. Love it on grey, autumn days: warm and long lasting.

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