Monday, October 22, 2012

Brecourt - Mauvais Garçon

I really liked this perfume when I smelled it for the first time at Fragranze this year. I got a sample of Mauvais Garçon (Bad boy) and I am happy to discover it again back home. This perfume is seductive, virile with a warm heart. I usually try to let speak my nose, but the description of the composition on the website describes it exactly has it smells:
''A partnership/combination of woods (Cedarwood from Virginia, patchouly from Indonesia) and fresh spices (cinnamon from Ceylan, nutmeg) evokes a primitive virility which I’ve differentiated by a refined touch of sandalwood and white flowers. The addictive nature of the fragrance is reinforced by suave notes of tonka beans and vanilla.''
I find it really sexy and it could be worn either in elegant or casual outfit. I would definitely wear it in winter, not only for its woody spicy notes, but for its mysterious and catching sweetness and warmth enriched with masculine notes. It is not a complicated jus, yet really straight forward with a good sillage and persistence.
Below, a picture I took in the Marais in Paris and the name of this perfume totally reminded me of this picture. I like imagining myself with this perfume in that street with the cold with my friends at night: I would feel supersexy wearing this scent. 

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