Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hélène Tamalet

Over is the title of an ensamble of pieces corresponding to a fictitious war, an act or even a game that could be the last. The meaning of this ambiguous and multiple preposition also leaves to think it is only the tip of the iceberg. Over is also the excess, surplus, the repetition that goes beyond, that passes over and through the reality. 
All of these pieces are born as a desire to play with elements inspired by the history and daily life,  to create a paradox and a world of fantasy battlefields. Hélène Tamalet's achievement, challenge and strength, are the leitmotiv. ''I often dream of a moving mountain, to govern an army ... from these dreams I give birth to shapes, objects sometimes resistent.'' The strategy is to balance, even to leave them confused, historical and popular symbols. The battle is innocent but actually declared.
I was amazed by the beautiful production of Hélène Tamalet: young, powerful, talented, provocative and inspiring. Each piece suggests a different scenario, with the same ironic still very serious statement. Every piece had been handmade by the artist and the quality was absolutely great. I wish good luck to this young artist who has all the qualities to become a master in this field.

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