Friday, April 27, 2012

Vacant/No Vacant

190 Bowery is a fascinating piece of New York real-estate.  A building which looks abandoned with graffitt covered walls and a front door that looks like it hasn't been opened in years is inhabited by Jay Maisel.  Maisel, his wife Linda Adam Maisen and their daughter Amanda live in this 35,000 squarefoot single family home.  It's incredible to think that Maisel a photographer bought this piece of real-estate 42 years ago for $102,000, I can only imagine what it would be worth today (estimated $50 mill).   There have been no major changes to the interior. It’s essentially unchanged from the Germania Bank that architect Robert Maynicke designed for the then-bourgeois neighbourhood (it cost $200,000 to build). The original safe-deposit vault, still in the basement, is the size of a generous studio apartment; the marks on the main floor where the teller booths once stood are still clearly visible.   This building was once a canvas for Keith Harrings chalk baby's and Roy Liechtenstein rented the first floor for a period.  With 15 flights of stairs and only one elevator, the original copper cage from 1898 fingers crossed it doesn't get stuck or its a hike to the top, great daily workout option if you ask me.    Isn't this incredible!?   read about it here!

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