Thursday, April 19, 2012


Spotlight Volumes -pendant lights

Inspired by spotlights, these pendant lights have an energy efficient 
cfl light bulb at either end. One illuminates the ceiling and the other the floor.
Shown here in three sizes, they can be arranged in groups or on their own. When arranged in a group they should hang randomly each illuminating a different part of the ceiling/floor.
The outer surface is coated in gloss paint, while the inner is hand painted with a brushed pale matte yellow to contrast the strong overall shape of the lights. The smooth gloss finish of the outside also contrasts with the texture of the visible strokes on the inside.
The Yellow of the inner shade is added to the light through diffusion, adding warmth to the cfl Bulb. The two finishes are divided by the polished steel edge. The lights hang from their braided electrical cord and a 1mm steel cable due to the overall weight.
check it out here

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