Monday, April 30, 2012


I was in love with this interior: summery and fresh, unconventional, but with great taste. A cool space with a nice green painted wall, a Vitra chair, some books and plants. Hey! Those plants! I found the website and I really like them. They look really good in a contemporary house, but also in a more classic one. They even say that you can have vegetable plants and that you can harvest your own veggies, little production, but it would be cool for spices! 

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  1. I think indoor plants are so wonderful! When I was living in montreal I lived with a horticulture student and she grew sunflowers inside and our place was scattered with terrariums! I love how green our house felt. The idea of upside down plants is amazing! I wonna find these pots of figure it out Im assuming there is mesh keeping in the soil.