Tuesday, March 20, 2012

chupa chupa

Take a wild guess who designed the chupa chupa logo...

None other then Salvido Dali!  It took him an hour to design while sitting in a cafe and since 1969 has been used to package the 4 billion sales of suckers!  Dali insisted in the design that it be placed on top of the lolly, rather than the side, so that it could always be viewed intact.  A fun fact about this product was that in 1958 The Catalan lollipop made its first appearance and the founder Enric Bernat hatched the idea of placing a bonbon on a stick. He called the product "GOL," imagining the candy as a soccer ball and the open mouth a net. It didn’t go over well.... and so they rebranded it and named it Chupa Chupa ( Chupar spanish meaning 'to suck').    Growing up I used to love going to the candy store and getting a couple new flavours of chupa chupa... who am i kidding I still do!  This design has been around me for a long time and something I relate to... making me realize that there are alot of brands and logos that I identify with that have yet to change and have the element of great design!  I think I might go get me a chupa chupa! 

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