Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Emma's blog... my new religion!

My usual rolodex of blogs involve style, food and places to discover in new york but I have added a new one to the list. Emma's blog is a wicked blog I am addicted to! Emma Fexeus is a freelancing interior stylist, writer and professional blogger, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her style is Scandinavian, but shows design from all over the world. She tries to focus more on stylists and photographers than shopping and products, because she believes that is the way to go to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle. Her blog is so intriguing and every image makes em want to move to Stockholm live in a place with high ceilings and white washed walls!  I get so drown into the moods of the rooms featured in her shoots that are so minimal and have strong accent features like a giant mirror, an oversized letter hung on a wall, or a lamp that just pops and makes a room... so good.   It's things like this that make me believe in a higher power, something beyond... the great eye!  It's like some people can sing, some people can dance, some people get great interior design!  I came across Emma's blog and she is my new religion! Her blog nails it on the head with everything I I am in love with! Check out her site I think you'll be converted!

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