Friday, July 29, 2011

The different company

The different company another perfume store to keep an eye on. Jean-Claude Ellena is the main ''nose'' creating scents for this company, together with her daughter Céline and Bertrand Duchaufour. The designer of the simple, but researched bottles is Thierry de Bachmakoff, head of Aesthete, luxury goods design studio. Online you can buy 12 samples of their perfumes and, let me tell you ... I would love to have them and try each of them taking notes about my feelings about them. I'm already doing it with some samples I got from Frederic Malle: there's a store in Milan where the shop assistant was supernice and she gave me 7 samples! My favourite is Vetiver Extraoirdinaire, but I have still 2 to try!


  1. this was the only thing I bought in Paris on my visit in October... Lys Mediterranee! I was captured by the whole experience and felt that this perfume helped add an extra element to my Parisian experience. A splash of crazy beautiful perfume where ever one may go will always leave a good impression.

  2. I love that one! But it fits better on Marco, he's actually obsessed with it. It feels like a dinner with candle lights on the beach at dusk after a nice afternoon at the beach (not the crowded ones). Great choise! I actually like most of them: the only effort is to chose the right one that best fits on yourself.