Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ALRIGHT!! I have a riddle for you and here it is!

Okay so you are seated at a table with 2 ropes and a box of matches... nothing else!

Each rope burns for 30mins exact however their rate is not consistent... but they will always stop burning after 30minutes.

How do you measure 45minutes?

tricky tricky... can you crack the case?


  1. I would put the second rope, right in the middle, perpendicular to the other one. I would lit the first one and then it would lit the second one, but in the middle which means 15 minute.

  2. OMG!! HOW DID YOU SOLVE THAT!! In such a clever way! The answer was simply... lighting one rope till it burnt then lighting the next from both ends! YOU ARE GENIUS... and this is why i luv ya!