Sunday, March 13, 2011

I think having a space to release and play with creativity is so amazing! Do you have a space where you feel most creative, alive, vibrant?  I have been doing a yoga challenge and im finding i am most creative and energized when i do to a power class and challenge myself with a new posture! 


  1. I wish I had a studio like this! I actually don't have a space where I feel more creative. I've been thinking of this before, and my house in Milan doesn't make me feel more creative, at's still too cold looking and apartment here is Paris is more cozy, and I feel confortable staying here, but I guess that the best place to get inspired is walking around Paris and see Museums...I'm working on a difficult project (a crave) and I had no ideas where to start since I decided to go out and look for inspirations outside! Best thing I could do!

  2. A crave? Like a craving? I am always in love with your projects tell me more! Hey so max is doing this pop up real thing on main street and i get a space to launch something for a month. Im teaming up with Jessica, her friend katie and myself to do a concept ice tea shop... with popsicles cause we are getting it in July! HOT! Fun eh! We are brainstorming tomorrow the foundation of the space

  3. Oh sorry, no it's not craving, that would be exciting! It's actually a crane...
    I' so jealous of your project!! I wish I was there to see how you are working! That's really cool Tay! Keep the passion alive; cause you're brilliant!