Sunday, March 13, 2011

Eric Kayser Boulangerie

I cannot describe how good is the stuff you can buy in this Boulangerie. It looks a little posh from the images, but there are some store that looks really normal and the price are the same of other Boulangeries, but starting from the smell at the entrance, continuing with the beautiful view and the kindness of the people helping you and finishing with the amazing taste, this is a place where I would go every single day of my life. But fortunately there are none close to my apartment, and I won't even look if there are, cause they are so good as they are not good for my tummy.
I wish you were here to go and have a Croissant or a Quiche together!

1 comment:

  1. dont ever go there! You have just stepped into dangerous territory! The is my biggest weekness... and you wonder why i only stayed in Paris for 5 days... other wise i would have turned into a croissant! haha Enjoy and I wish i could be there enjoying all the decadence that is Paris! XO