Monday, February 21, 2011

When i think of eyewear I instantly think of Capote, Woody Allen, and you!  Eyewear defines a look, a character and the type of person you are! I love the oversized, in your face kinda look and I think that is because a statement piece in my eyes should be a statement and worn by an appropriate suiter!  You know the worst look is always when someone can't carry them selves in what they are wearing!  If its to simple i feel shy, if its a little out there I find I stand a little taller (it helps boost my umph) ha! Perhaps thats why I am so in love with a splash of hot pink, stripes on staircases and why i love wearing mens cologne more then womans... but thats for another post.  What i bring you is this collection of recently discovered eye wear... and a sexy video to follow!  Check out the website and get a sense of what the brand Ralph Vaessen stands for! You have great defining eye wear! Where are you classes from?

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