Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Gift ideas:
 A couple books for the book warm


  1. Ok, I've been looking for so long to Brand Sense, and No, it doesn't exist here in italy, I should buy it on amazon...
    What's the selby? and the book of awesome?? I'm curious!

  2. Oh these are some awesome books! Selby has a website/blog and its a collection of celebrities in there funky homes and spaces! The book of awesome is a collection of random things that are simply awesome! for example: snow days, breakfast in bed, bike ride.. I will find you brand sense!

  3. Oh! Thanks tay, you don't have to! I can buy it on Amazon or buy it when I'll come to Canada ;)
    I saw Selby's blog! Beautiful and the book looks interesting Tay! Good choice of books! Love them all! And the book of awesome? Simply awesome! Miss you Tay!