Monday, November 1, 2010

Farmers' Market in Milan!

I finally found a Farmers' Market in Milan! It is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays and It's really close to my place. It was really cool! I bought tons of local vegetables and cheese: really good! I spent the entire Saturday cooking! So this on top is a vegetable quiche with eggs and parmesan: really really good.
Then I baked muffins: OMG soooo good!
And then, but I didn't take a picture (argh!) I cooked Pumpkin Ravioli with butter, savoy (cabbage), cheese and black pepper. They were good, but I'm not really used to that taste. The inside of the Ravioli was made with Pumpkin, Mustard and Amaretti...they actually tasted sweet, a little too much for me. 
I discovered there's another Market, but it is open just once a month...I'll check it out!


  1. YUM! Damn you did it again, first this the pesto pasta the tarte! Im coming back!

  2. ...wait pumpkin ravioli? you need to give me more details on this one! Im making it!