Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hey Taylor! I'm going to Paris on Wednesday with my grandma! That's gonna be so cool: she is half from Paris and she knows it pretty well. Can't wait to go! Do you know any cool places to visit? Brands, stores, cafes??

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  1. Lucky duck! Yes you must go to the Centre Pompidou! Hands down my favourite gallery

    Best chocolate in the world.... Maris Antoinette ate it!

    interesting concept dining... "Real parisian dinning, feel of a home where you wee invited to have dinner" looks pretty interesting

    OR this place was reviewed by the New Yorker as being great! Warm and Relaxed vibe. (rissoto with truffles)

    Oh and a quote: Woody Allen said "As long as you haven't been kissed during any of those rainy Parisian afternoons, you haven't been kissed at all".

    Have a wonderful time! I'll think of other spots... this was just a couple things that came to