Thursday, June 3, 2010

No man is an Island..

Wow! I am in aw of this home!  What a magical place!  Can you imagine being surrounded by so much sea and nature.  Just imagine how many stars you'd see, you'd fall asleep to the sounds of waves and you could have breakfast on the dock!  How cool would this be! ... I would miss my friends and sail to land every once in a while ....bringing back people i adore and bottles of scotch! It would be fun to have an island all to ones self.  I almost want to write a childrens book about it!  A little boy(Pip) who sails to see and finds a home on a rock, he befriends the seagulls and gets carried back home after he finishes all the licorice he had packed for such an adventure! haha  Read More

Alyssa calling for Synthia

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  1. Awwww! Lovely place. You should write childrens book! this is another good book concept!