Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let's do topics!

I just had to do a big research about colors for my 

final university project and I'm attending a course 
about perception and sensoriality on materials and
I just fell deeply in love with this subjects. Every month 
I would like to post a different topic either about color, 
material, texture, touch, smell, sound, taste... I'll start 
keeping some folders in order to have some pictures
to post within the topic ; )



  1. Oh I love that idea!! July 1st debut the first topic! I'll
    start brain storming ideas around them! Wha a great idea my dear! Hey we should also look into how on earth do we get out blog more
    out there? Haha like followers, commenters ha how
    do blogs get surfaced? Not that it really matters it's our blog but it's just fun to think about what others think about similar interests.

  2. July 1st is the date!
    That's great for me! I told my friends about it, but I don't think they are real followers...

  3. Awesome i love it! I cant wait! What fun!