Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paolo Ulian

Taylor!! I just got home from university and I had one of the most exciting lessons ever! Paolo Ulian, that has become my new favourite designer, came to class to show his works and his vision on design. He is a wonderful person and all his concepts are really deep, but still very simple.He suggested us to go working abroad because Italian companies are too snobby and are not fair on payments...good point to come to Vancouver once I graduate! You'll be already there with your wonderful shop and I could work for a design would be my dream come true.
Check out the website: it is worth it!

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  1. That sounds amazing! WOw! Its so great when you been inspiring people! You inspire me when you discover these stellar designers, i am in total aw of how you get to meet these people! I guess we all have that spark inside us its just finding it thats the tricky part sometimes! SOmetimes you gotta meet people who have it lit and flaring to release your potential! I think moving to vancouver would be so much fun! What a great place to work, live, love, enjoy, be who you are! I miss it already but can't wait to reintroduce myself in a little while! It'll be great! Lets plan it! Lets dream big! My bike arrived and im off to go get it tuned up! :)