Saturday, January 4, 2014

Friedrich Kunath at White Cube, London

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Today I had the chance to see the exhibition ''I'm running out of world'', Friedrich Kunath, presented by the White Cube, Mason's Yard, London. I was really impressed by ''The Real Realities'' series (picture below). Notebook's lines and surreal illustrations onto wonderful west coast sunsets.

''This sense of destabilisation, as well as the suggestion of a maritime underworld, continues in Kunath’s ‘Real Realities’ paintings on the ground floor which depict richly coloured sunsets, overlaid with the markings of a standard A4 notepad, as if the romance of this highly sentimental image has been held in check by the organising principles of office stationary. The sunsets are sometimes caught behind the familiar postcard staple of a palm tree lined vista while at others, they are reflected in a perfectly calm sea. In another, a circular image of a Christmas card-like snowy landscape – a binary but equally idealised landscape – has been inserted on top. While the works point to Kunath’s interest in the mechanisms of popular visual culture, in particular album covers, where collage is the stylistic trigger for a willing suspension of belief, they also call to mind the notion of a notepad scribbles – where something immediate, spontaneous and unmediated travels from the imagination to the pen in one continuous flow.'' 
Press Release - White Cube

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