Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bloom - London


During my 48 hours trip to London I had the chance, and a little time to visit Bloom, a really nice small niche perfumes store in Spitalfields. It was really easy to get there, I actually stumbled upon it while waiting for Taylor, who wanted to take me there. Bloom has several really interesting brands such as Parfumerie Generale, Nasomatto, Vero.profumo, Jovoy, Frapin, Olfactive Studio and a small collection of candles. What I loved about this shop is the mood and the fact that the shop assistant was really nice and let Taylor and I try a lot of perfumes. I also like the illustrations around the shop: they make the shop fun! I don't understand those perfume shops where you feel uncomfortable and you feel like you are disturbing if trying some different perfumes. The also sell sample of perfumes which I founded a really nice idea. They could give them for free, but in this way you just go for those perfumes you actually like and so you can limit your choice. Hope to go back soon... I am missing half of Parfumerie Generale collection to smell!

1 comment:

  1. it's like a candy shop for the nose! I couldn't stop smelling myself for the rest of the day!