Sunday, November 11, 2012

Movember discover: Moustache by Rochas!

It's Movember! Grow your Mo' for a good cause. Movember is a foundation which aim is to raise funds and spreads awareness for men's health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. Beside being responsible for the sprouting of moustaches of thousands of men's faces around the world during the whole November month, they have raised up to 184 million GBP for this amazing cause! It is possible to donate on the UK official webpage Mo Sista can enjoy this campaign too, they are responsible to look after the grow and grooming of Mo Bros and spreading the Movember spirit! At the end of the month both Bros and Sistas will celebrate this journey with Movember parties!
I'm in! Shaved on the 1st and my Mo is starting to take shape!

This what happened today. I went to my grandma's and she had a paper bag ready for me full of vintage perfume samples! That made my day! So, I looked through all this beautiful small glass bottles and there it is the perfect perfume for Movember: Moustache by Rochas. 

Moustache was launched in 1948 and it was created by Edmond and Theresa Roudnitska. The samples I have has probably gone bad, but I couldn't resist to try it on my skin and WOW I felt like being taken back in time. This perfume does have a really vintage classy smell. The opening is a gentle splash of citrusy notes and lavender and it takes a long time to evaporate. The dry down shows the musky animalic and fougère notes of this composition slightly sweetened by honey, amber, tonka beans and vanilla. I smells very dry and classy and I would totally recommend it to an older public. This fragrance is absolutely forbidden if you don't have a real gentleman Mo!

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