Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christian Boltanski

Christian Boltanski is French artist born in 1944. His works are always about the memory, the unconscious, the youth and the death. He uses different materials for his installations: old pictures, found objects, cardboard, lights, candles and his style is quite recognizable with the use of children faces, rusty metal boxes, warm lights and used clothes. His ability is to suggest untold stories, moments of the past of an unknown person, and get to our more intimate and deep thoughts. In 2010 he was chosen for the annual exposition Monumenta inside the Grand Palais in Paris. I had the chance to see some of his works, but unfortunately I just have pictures of a couple of them (below). I really like his dialectic in expressing his topics. It is always an emotion to find an installation by Boltanski at an exposition.

Venice, Biennale, French pavillion, 
“Chance”, Christian Boltanski, 2011

Paris, Centre Pompidou
Les archives de C.B. 1965-1988, 1989
646 biscuits boxes containing about 1200 photographies and 800 documents
On top, 34 lamps and electric cables
270 x 693 x 35,5 cm

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