Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NHOW Berlin

I am itching to go to Berlin! I gotta do it at some point this year.  You know that feeling when you keep humming that awesome song thats stuck in your head.  I get that with Berlin.... I keep thinking about it!  Reading blog reviews on cool shit thats going on there doesn't help the desire to see this place!  OK so I am going to begin unloading this on the blog and I hope thats ok with you.  First up NHOW Berlin.  WOw!  Check this hotel out!  Last November NH group opened up there newest hotel NHOW in Berlin smack dab in between creative epicenter of the city, between the Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg districts, two communities known for their art scene and edgy nightlife.  This unconventional structure is a center of excitement and inspiration!  The NH group is often known for there food and beverage but this has a whole know slice of cake.... this hotel is out of this world.  The view from the hotel is stunning, one can look across the river and have a perfect view of the Molecule Man, a striking metal sculpture that seems to stand on the water just on the edge of the Treptow district.  Karim Rashid is the interior designer  in charger of the interiors and the furniture design of the 304 rooms and suites of the hotel  furniture that was custom made for this exact hotel.   Guests of the hotel can choose pink, blue, or grey rooms (all with floors to match). "Rashid’s style beyond the furniture and color schemes of his ''digi-pop design'' alter-reality, he also made the rooms transient, able to change for whatever a guest should need in a moment.  For example, if the television is on, it’s on display, but when the tv is switched off that television disappears from view and retreats into the mirrored wall unit in which it lives.  This same mirror unit serves as a working desk and so on.  The bathrooms have glass walls that let light through yet are not transparent so as to forego the guests’ privacy.  Thats not all this hotel has in store.... it has 2 recording studios!  The Analog Mixing Suite that boasts up-to-date sound recording technology with some of the most coveted vintage equipment in the world.  I am amazed and excited with all the creativity that is in motion.  These crazy amazing things like the NHOW hotel keep us inspired and excited to discover what is beyond out reach... or perhaps with fingers crossed a cheap seat sale on Luftansa would make seeing something like this reachable!   Read the full yatzer article here

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