Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Venice's Biennale: Art expo

Venezuelan Pavillion

Paper installation

South Corean Pavillion

Can you spot the soldier? I liked this idea. The colorful military textile. I imagined this unreal war in a bloomed field. If you think about it, the military uniform is created for the environment that will be around: forest, desert... I like the idea of thinking about the clothes as something that you would only wear in one environment. What would It be the Milan-survivor pattern?

I forgot to take the name of the artist. I loved this wax classical statue. It was actually a huge lighted candle slowly melting! (with a wax melting visitor in front of it too!)

Reynier Leyva Novo (Cuba), with the alchimist Yanelda Mendosa and historian José Abreu Cardet.
Talking about parfumes! The artist wants to evoke 3 battles (one in the picture) throughout parfumes. Together with the historian and the alchemist collected rain water, flowers and all the essences they could find in those lands where they had the war and created these parfumes. (we could actually smell them). The last time we talked on skype we were talking about storytelling with parfumes... they were really rich, I couldn't really smell the ''war'' (imagining of shooting powder, burnt stuff, blood, tears and fear), but it evoked those places... brilliant. 

Latin American Pavillion

Italian Pavillion

The italian pavillion was a total mess, hundreds of pieces. There were some I really loved, but I didn't take a lot of pictures. I found incredible how these painting are done. Paintings! And the images are really erotic without showing private parts or sexual acts. 

Chinese Pavillion

I have no words for this one... just beautiful, curious, peaceful, incredible...

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