Friday, June 17, 2011

So Max and I are talking about September and thinking.... we should go to New York (and then if it seems feizable hit Paris both for a week each).  I thought I would extend the thought your way.   I am in love with New York and well Paris... its just something on a whole new level.   I think going to New York and having you be there would just be an amazing idea!  Max has live there so she has lots of friends and knows all the places to go eat, shop, dance, barhop, people watch! Just putting it out there.   

Here is a blog with some great spots in the city ... this is naive 

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  1. I wanna go! But after Paris I don't have much money to go travelling around. This summer I suppose it is better to stay in Italy. I wanna go and when I'll make my decision I so wanna go with you and Max!