Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday morning routine: make toaster waffle, flip through web blogs and plan out the weekend.   Im on the second step and I had to make a post about this really interesting space! I came across it on Yatzer (great blog about everything design).  I saw this space and totally thought  it was brilliant! The boldness of color in a space is ballsy and really it totally made me reconsider a walls potential!  A house should be an exhibition and the lines and shadows from the forms that hold up the walls should be an integral aspect! So from the article i present you The Karel Appel House!

TodaThe Karel Appel House is based in the East of Amsterdam, Netherlands; it combines short stay apartment housing with a boutique museum which operates in collaboration with The CoBrA Museum and Royal Academy of Visual Arts.  The project is a tribute to “the famous avant-garde CoBra painter Karel Appel who was born in the Dapperbuurt and started his international painting career there.”  Appel’s paintings and sculptures were distinguished by the vibrant and bold colors used.  The interiors of the residence (walls, floors, ceilings and steel walls), follow the same color palette as his paintings; they have been treated as if they were a blank canvas waiting for intense colors to be placed on them.  (taken from yatzer)

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