Thursday, December 2, 2010

A LINE by any other name...

It's the beginning of the month and i thought we should have a topic of the week.  A topic of 'Line'.
 I was reading the New York Times Art section and there was an article about a exhibition of Western Modernism and lays out the beginnings of it, entitled "On Line".  I stumbled across a description of what a line can represent and thought it would a great thing to explore and find something in relation to the theme.

"Yes, you can draw a line on a flat surface using traditional tools. But you can also sculpture a line, or cut, dig, drip, sew, walk, dance or weave one. You can make a line bold or all but invisible, tiny or 16 miles long. You can draw it with a well-schooled skill or with no skill at all, hands off."

Look at this beach in Tasmania’s East Coast in Australia!  Nature makes no mistakes! 

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  1. Let's go there! Wow...there are so many great places I would love to visit, (but too little money to afford it) But maybe makes travels more intriguing and exciting! Tay! I'll be soon in Parissss!!!!