Sunday, September 20, 2009


Andrea! THe summer has almost ended and i think we shall enjoy our last caesar of the season! Toast in the martinis and scotch served on the rocks! What do you think is a perfect fall cocktail? I always go for the greyhound but its losing its novelty! I need a new sip?! any suggestions deary

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  1. I haven't had good/interesting cocktails lately... I always get my favourites: mojito or gin tonic ;)
    That look good!
    I can suggest you to try a spanish drink (can't remember what is it called...):
    lime and salt on the edge of the glass; then mix beer with some lime (half should be ok) and some tabasco! Fresh and spicy!
    I think is good if you have just one...I can tell you that after a couple of glasses it starts tasting weird.